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  • Nantong Huanyu Chemical Co.,ltd.
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  • Phthalide
    Potassium 2,5-dihydroxybenzenesulfonate
    p-Phenolsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt
    Tetramethylammonium bromide
    Tetramethylammonium Hydroxide

    Nantong Huanyu Chemicals Co., Ltd.
    Add: Yangkou Township Chemical Park, Rudong County, Jiangsu, China.
    Zip code: 226407
    Contact: Shi Taibing
    Tel: +86-13951425530
    Fax: +86-0513-84813318
    Email: sales@nthuanyuchem.com
    URL: www.cqxwpk.com


    Nantong Huanyu Chemicals Co., Ltd. is located in Yangkou Chemical Park in Nantong city---beside the beautiful Yellow Sea. Now, we enjoy good location and convenient traffic conditions for we are very close to Su-Tong Bridge and only 30km from Yangkou Port.

    Covering an area of 40,020sqm, Nantong Huanyu Chemicals Co., Ltd. now owns 4,500sqm of buildings and 40 employees, and 8 of them are senior technicians. As a specialized manufacturer of fine chemicals, we now mainly produce 3-Bromophthalide, 2-Carboxybenzaldehyde, Potassium 2,5-dihydroxybenzenesulfonate, p-Phenolsulfonic Acid Sodium Salt, Tetramethylammonium bromide and so on.

    Boasting advanced production equipments, mature technologies, complete testing instruments, strict management system and quality product, we have established long-term & stable cooperative relationship with numerous customers all over the world.

    With first-class management, products and services, we are striving to be a first-class enterprise. We warmly welcome the visit, business and cooperation of friends from around the world for a great future!

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